How To Interpret My Reading List

Reading is something very near and dear to me. Growing up around lots of books has instilled a love of books and reading in me. Inspired by Oceanographer Eric W. Leuliette's reading list and Writer Jamie Todd Rubbin's list, I'm starting my own journey of tracking my reading in this blog.

I'm grateful to Eric & Jamie for sharing their reading and framework for creating this reading list.

Here's how to interpret the list below:

  1. Each book I finished will get its own number.
  2. Re-reads are denoted by ^ after the title. Similarly, @ denotes audiobook and + denotes ebook.
  3. Recommended books will have a bold title. And, the finished book will have its finished date indicated.
  4. Books will be listed in this format: Book Title by Author; pp XXX (YYYY-MM-DD).
  5. Affiliate links are supplied. You may wish to purchase via the affiliate link. Otherwise, please choose to visit your local bookshops to purchase or visit your local libraries to read these books.

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